Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's On My Mind Today...Party, Community, & Responsibilty

In trying to keep this blog current I find myself thinking of interesting topics and concerns without sounding negative on the current state of affairs within our City, County, and State. We do in fact have much to be thankful for, Ulster County (with the exception of the City of Kingston) was able to hold real estate values with a much smaller decrease when comparing to other Counties within New York State (the second home market helps). However the City of Kingston's home prices have fallen at a much sharper level than the rest of the county. Ouch.

Last week I attended a meeting held at City Hall which highlighted the assets of our community as being a Digital Corridor to attract "technopreneurs". Great idea and I will happily promote the concept to buyers who are looking to relocate to our area. Many kudos to my colleague KJ McEntyre who has put a lot of time and effort into this project and has been successful in getting press and radio attention. Check it out: http://www.kingstondigitalcorridor.org/
Having members of this communtity involved and motivated will bring in far more commerce and jobs than the economic development agencies we now have which our tax dollars are supporting.

My last thought for today is this....whatever side of the fence you are on, start to educate yourself on the issues and ask questions. Why are our taxes so high, can we do anything to curb the school taxes (we are not creating a wave of Einstein's here), what about budget accountability and planning? Any new ideas to attract both residents and tourists?
Ask your representitives what they are doing to help us move forward, if they don't have a good answer or creative ideas which is what is required of them, then it's time to move on come election time.
Just something 2 think about...thanks for reading.


  1. Super post Andi!! I'm down with KDC!

  2. Why are our taxes so high? Big government, too much government - county level and state level for sure. How to lower taxes? Cut the size of government which is already too big. Municipalities should look to share services and should have the same mindset that business owners have - how can we do more with less? How can we improve efficiency? Consolidate villages into town governments. How about consolidation of schools to countywide districts for starters? Eliminate the top heavy administrations in more than 700 school districts in NYS. There is a lot we can and should do and we better get moving before everyone moves away and you don't have anyone to sell houses to! Thanks for your thoughts, Andi.

  3. It seems that unless everyone (the voters) take the time to recognize this and demand it from our elected officials we are just treading water and we will go nowhere.

  4. I think the school board needs to stop wasting money,do they really need a wall hung tv in the board room on crown st. thats unaffordable by most tax payers,or how about the nice white ford f350 super duty trucks the workers ride around in but there's no money for building repairs,or 150 grand for worthless property,or the ton of money spent on rent and renovations at the site in ulster when we have an entire school in tilson empty that we own outright,who makes these decisions

  5. Received a notice in the mail today from Bahruth saying our assessment has been decreased by 12,000. (We did not file a grievance or anything) Have all city property assessments gone down?

  6. Andi great piece but Finkle and the UCDC have not done anything for Ulster County on economic development. Dutchess just hired a young guy for $85,000 Between Finkle and Matteson and Gallagher we have $300,000 and we have we got as a return on our investment.(We kept three off the Unemployement line)