Sunday, June 12, 2011

Clearing Up the Myths

It’s amusing; the blogosphere is like the Wild West. There are no rules, few morals, and a lot of hot air. Since I have enough sense to acknowledge that the ones who post have agendas and have no restraint under the veil of anonymity, it allows them to be bold, hateful, and untruthful. After all, who is going to challenge them? Others ask why I read them, especially now with me being a target during this heavily contested Mayor’s race. I guess because these are the things that make you stronger and keep you focused on the task at hand. I also am grateful to have this blog to define who I am with the integrity and courage to have my name on it. I do not allow anonymous posts, therefore I do not post on my own blog which is common practice for others. With that said, I would like to take this opportunity to correct some of the myths that seem to circulate.

Experience: Let’s face it; none of the candidates have previously served as Mayor so the idea of them having more ‘experience’ than the other is not a strong argument. Instead, one needs to look at who the person is, what they bring to the table in terms of vision, personality, and ability. How do they communicate, do they listen, do they have a full understanding of each neighborhood and the nuances of them? Does their job and background directly touch their lives? If you think about it, our economy is driven by the housing market and it plays a key role in our daily lives. For the last decade I have worked with people from all walks of life to help them find a home or place of business. I hear their needs, I am in the car with families who are considering Kingston when they seek a new place to settle while showing and selling them our neighborhoods and possibilities. I also hear the reasons why they choose another location instead of Kingston. Taxes are too high, it looks ‘run down’ and there are other places with better job opportunities. It is frustrating, especially when you see the potential that is there.

Union Negotiations: By design, Realtors are negotiators and problem solvers. We take two parties from opposite ends of the spectrum and work with them to reach a common goal. Problems arise, tempers flare, and egos are bruised. It happens all the time, but one of my most valuable assets is the ability to have both sides reach an agreement that works. I recently completed an intensive training program on mediation in Chicago where I studied how to resolve conflict. What I learned was how to neutralize anger and work to bring two opposite sides to a mutual agreement where both feel ok about the end result. Remember, in mediation there are 2 winners, in arbitration there is only one. Don’t you think this mentality will come in handy as Mayor? I do.

Budget Qualifications: Let me be clear, I have had to prepare detailed budgets. I have worked on budgets for organizations including the Ulster County Board of Realtors, as a department head for various record companies as well as very large budgets when preparing promotional & marketing plans for recording artists and international concert tours. I was also responsible for the budgeting for advertising, staffing, and promotions for large radio stations through the years.

Recent Transplant: I was born here, I spent the first 26 years of my life here, and I returned 15 years ago in 1996, then convinced my husband to purchase our home in Kingston 10 years ago. We did it because we too believed that Kingston was going places and still believe it can happen with the right leadership. Quite honestly, having the opportunity to move about the USA was a wonderful thing in order for me to realize how special our City is. One thing is certain, with every task I’ve set out to accomplish, I’ve done it well with a level of professionalism and ethics which I will carry over to City government. Something which is sorely lacking at City Hall today. Stay tuned…there’s lots more to come.

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  1. NIcely put. And right here, demonstrated: clear and open communication.